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I’m a Queer Gen X Eldergoth, Mom, Farmer, Marxist-Leninist Communist, Sci-Fi Enthusiast, Former IT BOFH. I’m disabled by chronic illnesses, including multiple autoimmune conditions. I’m Neurodivergent, and my roulette wheel of mental interestingness includes AADHD, PTSD, cPTSD, Major Depression, General and Social Anxiety Disorders, and OCD. My worldview probably looks very different from a lot of Neurotypical people, but I think any of us interested in a future worth living in know it is going to require radical changes in our way of life to make that possible.

Bourgeoisie (the ruling class) electoral politics are meant to quell the working masses into a sense of achievement and progress – hypnotizing us into a sense that this is all “normal” and those of us in the so-called “middle class”  already doing everything we can to improve life for those in the lower class the world over by voting for the “least evil” politicians on our ballot. But it’s all part of the complex web of lies that the ruling class has woven to keep us in thrall to them and their avarice. It’s important to me that I convey this truth – and the fact that a Proletarian Revolution will be necessary to make a future worth living.

Here in the US, we have a special set of material conditions to contend with – because this entire colonizer/settler state has been founded on the genocide of the Indigenous Peoples of this land, the theft of their land and resources, and the importation of Black Africans – who were treated as disposable biolabor units by white Europeans, who justified this dehumanizing chattel slavery by creating white supremacist mythology and codified racism – two of the worst human creations in our history. These were easily integrated into the evil class system that already existed – since humans were already used to an upper and lower classes, and most were of the latter, many whites were all too happy to be told that they were to someone else’s superior, for a change.

But instead of buying into that corrupt, anti-human, anti-ecosystem status quo, if those lower class whites had instead UNITED in solidarity as comrades with the newly-arrived Africans on a massive scale, we likely wouldn’t still be fighting the same racism and resultant Reichwingers today. But here we are, and we must be the people who rise to the occasion who reject this entire system, because it only keeps us divided, and enslaved – to varying degrees – to the ruling class. We must start by working to decolonize – and I recommend all white people start by learning our actual history. I’ve got book recommendations here. Once you realize how much the government has lied to us about our history – in order to maintain a racist society that favors whites over Blacks and Indigenous peoples especially – to serve the interests and greed of the very wealthy – I’m willing to bet you’re going to start seeing through the system and have a lot of questions. I’m trying to share everything I learn here and provide resources for you to do the same. Don’t take my word for it. Read for yourself. Unlearn for yourself. Recognize the implications for yourself, with your own senses and reason. And then, when you’re ready, connect with comrades – both virtually, as well as in your geographic area. A mutual aid group is a great place to connect with other revolutionaries.

The idea of Comrade Birb was inspired by a news story I heard back in May 2019; there was a heroic parrot in Brazil, who warned her family that the police were coming. Alas, there wasn’t enough time, and her family were arrested on drug charges. The parrot was taken into custody by the police, but she kept her beak shut, as reported by the news. No snitch was she! Eventually she was given to a zoo in order to learn to fly, and they planned to set her free in the wild once she did. Hopefully she is flying freely today, and was not one of the many sad casualties of the arson fires in the Amazon rainforest.

That magnificent birb inspired me to spin up a Facebook page in her honor, where I have been posting Leftist content since. A comrade in my local party club suggested that I consider expanding and doing a vlog or podcast after reading some of my essays (diatribes? manifesto?) and I am grateful that they did, because it wasn’t even on my radar.

So, here I am. Please like the page on Facebook, and you can also find me on Twitter and Instagram

The headlines that inspired it all, May 2019


The VICE story about that parrot

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