About Comrade Birb

Comrade Birb was inspired by a news story I heard back in May 2019; there was a heroic parrot in Brazil, who warned her family that the police were coming. Alas, there wasn’t enough time, and her family were arrested on drug charges. The parrot was taken into custody by the police, but she kept her beak shut, as reported by the news. No snitch was she! Eventually she was given to a zoo in order to learn to fly, and they planned to set her free in the wild once she did. Hopefully she is flying freely today, and was not one of the many sad casualties of the arson fires in the Amazon rainforest.

That magnificent birb inspired me to spin up a Facebook page in her honor, where I have been posting Leftist content since. A comrade in my local party club suggested that I consider expanding and doing a vlog or podcast after reading some of my essays (diatribes? manifesto?) and I am grateful that they did, because it wasn’t even on my radar.

So, here I am. Please like the page on Facebook, and you can also find me on Twitter and Instagram .

The headlines that inspired it all, May 2019



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