BLOG POST: Little Free Library Project Request

I’ve talked about it on social media, but I realized I’ve never made a post here on the website on the project I’m working on in meatspace. I’m trying to encourage radical changes in thinking by placing books in the Little Free Libraries in my area. I think that reaching out to people who already enjoy reading is a way to help educate the working class. I plan to purchase books like those on my recommended reading list.

For my Yule gift from my family, I asked for custom bookmarks being printed, that I will place inside these books to encourage readers to explore the ideas from the books I placed in further depth by listening to my podcast and reading my blog.

I’ve put in a request with an online used bookseller to see if I might be able to qualify for their donation program, but I’m still waiting to hear back, and even if I get approved, I’m not sure how many I will get approved for per month, or what titles will be made available to me. So I’d like to see if I can do some crowdfunding toward the effort. I will purchase the books used from Better World Books or directly from the author if they offer bulk discounts, like the author of the Addicted To War graphic novel does.

If you’d like to help, I have two ways you can help fund this project:

1) My Patreon: this is a monthly sustainer program in which you can pledge (starting at $1 a month!) to help fund my project on a monthly basis.

2) Ca$happ: $gremlinfarts PayPal: [email protected]

3) Purchase copies of ADDICTED TO WAR and have them drop shipped to me.

4) Purchase a gift card from Better World Books where I can find used copies of books, often retired from Libraries.



I really appreciate any assistance you can offer to this goal! Thanks comrades!

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