BOOK: Addicted To War by Joel Andreas

I’m reading Addicted To War, a graphic novel about American Imperialism by Joel Andreas.

Moving forward I am going to respond to anyone who claims that Communism or Socialism have caused more deaths than Capitalism by asking if they are willing to read this book.

Frankly, anyone who refuses is up to their eyeballs in horseshit about their alleged moral concerns pertaining to the way the ruling class has treated the working class in a particular nation or state. Anyone with a gram of integrity will be seeking truth, even if it causes them to question deeply held beliefs.


If it’s any consolation, most people’s “beliefs” are actually indoctrination and propaganda that took root in their brainmeats and fit together with their pre-existing biases so well, it seemed like their own original thought. Start paying attention to how you construct conversation. Be mindful of phrases you use, not because you consciously chose those, but because it’s a common aphorism or slang. Or a product slogan. How do most people form opinions?

We have so much ruling class programming in our brains. Some of it, we’ll be unable to even recognize as propaganda and not actually ever having been representative of our own thoughts until we are years into a post-capitalism world. I’m confident of this, because my own escape from the JW cult and -continued- therapy TO THIS DAY due to the trauma that their propaganda caused informs me on the process of deprogramming from cults. I escaped in 1996. I am still finding shit in my brain that THEY planted, and was never my own thought!

Capitalism is a cult. It is a genocidal cult. Climate collapse is eugenics for the rich to get rid of the rest of us as the climate becomes unlivable and automation can perform more of the jobs. They expect to survive in the bunkers I’ve linked numerous times in past posts and terraform once the climate allows. The Nazis at the top have used the US military to enforce their will on the rest of us.

Go ahead and mock away. Maybe I’m wrong. But my gut WILL NOT SHUT UP and it says Fascism is going to be full blown sooner than any of us expect. The more informed you are about history, the less likely you are to become complicit in Fascist cruelty. This 74 page graphic novel will give you the basics in an easily digestible form, and it is all referenced with an index of sources in the back.

If you use the link in my sidebar to search Better World Books inventory (they nearly always have copies), I will receive credit from them that will go toward my project outlined on my Patreon (also linked in sidebar) to place copies of books like this in Little Free Libraries in my rural area with bookmarks letting readers know they can find more working class book recommendations on my website.


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