Capitalists Benefit From Pseudoscience

Capitalism relies upon pseudoscience in order to function. This means, in part, encouraging scientific illiteracy among the masses.

Sowing doubts about the veracity of science itself among the Proletariat is another strategy that they employ. It has been very effective in getting a lot of people to blind themselves to the climate crisis we face. This, in turn, benefits Capitalists, who want to continue their practices, which the global scientific community has repeatedly identified as the primary causes of damage and destruction to our ecosystem.

So while memes like this are good for a chuckle, we need to think about the danger and efficacy of the systemic anti-science propaganda out there, ready to hook those who are most gullible, instead of immediately calling people dumbasses. Capitalism is a death cult, and the rich and powerful have invested deeply in creating effective indoctrination and propaganda.

We must continue to push back and attempt to educate. Whether people listen is up to them. Don’t waste time on those who are willfully ignorant and uninterested in changing that, but also don’t assume that that is where everyone is at in their headspace. I am writing this for myself as much as I am anyone else, because I am just as tired of the ignorance.

Humanity needs one another if we are going to make it through. I’m not suggesting that every denier can be persuaded to learn the scientific method and develop critical thinking. Many of them will continue to be expert dipshits, as I suspect the fellas in the MLive Facebook page comment section from which I took this screenshot. But there are also people who are caught up in it because that’s all they know. We need to be ready to help them learn, should they become receptive. The Proletariat is not elitist.

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