Pandemic Tribunal

The US is going to need a tribunal once it’s safe to gather in public again. Maybe other places too, but I’m in the US and won’t attempt to speak for others.

I’ve been thinking that any justice should be administered by Indigenous Americans and American Descendents Of Slaves (ADOS). I don’t think whites can be trusted to be just. (I am descended from European colonizers.) We have our entire history of the nation in the way of evidence.

Regardless of how well-intentioned we might be as individuals, we have been systemically conditioned and indoctrinated by white supremacist imperialist propaganda. It’s very similar to the cult tactics I experienced growing up in the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

I obviously defer to Indigenous People and ADOS as to what their stance on the matter is. I really think in order to achieve a just world, we descendents of European colonizers must unlearn a lot of what, turns out, was Nazi Propaganda all along.

We all need deprogramming. I’ve already started, which has given me a jump on most folks. But I’m here sharing what I’m learning to try to help you navigate this uncharted territory. I’m working on new content here in quarantine, which isn’t terribly different than my everyday life, with the exception of my partner and our kiddo being home all day, but I’m enjoying their company and our togetherness.

I hope you are faring well in this turdnado of history.

Planetary peace, love and solidarity!


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