Podcast #3: Capitalism, Class-Based Societies, and Wealth Inequality

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In today’s podcast, we’ll explore the concepts of Class-Based Societies and Wealth Inequality as it relates to our current socioeconomic system of Capitalism. Links from related or source material are found below.


How much you need to make in each state to be part of the 1% – Pay close attention to the difference between what you have to make to mathematically qualify as part of this percentage, versus what the average – AVERAGE – income is. That means there are many with income far above that amount.

The book I mentioned, Lies My Teacher Told me, is discussed on the Zinn Education Project website, which is something you should explore beyond their write-up on this book. It represents the work of historian Howard Zinn, who wrote about so much history that is not covered in US textbooks, and it is because these are stories that refute the propaganda the ruling class uses to manipulate the working class. You can purchase the book used here or new through any bookseller.

Some reading about white fragility.

Here’s an article regarding redliningI also spoke about government enforced segregation, and you can read about that here. You should also check out this article regarding how things look today, segregation-wise, in the US.

I mentioned in my second episode that Capitalism is a pyramid scheme. I’m not the only one out here saying that, either. Here’s a couple of graphics for your consideration. The first is from 1911. The other is from today and is updated for our times. But the same basic structure is in place. These issues we are facing are not new. They are still present because the ruling class has refused to give up power, and has instead used their power to unscrupulously shape their world in their favor.

Be sure to click on each image to embiggen it, and think about how the economy has grown more complex since 1911, but the basic structure has remained intact. Then contemplate how the ruling class has poured so much money into anti-union policies. Who profits from our lack of working class organization? The bigwigs up top wouldn’t pursue just any policy position with conviction or funding if it didn’t serve their purposes. So maybe think about how much anti-union propaganda you’ve absorbed over your life and contemplate whether any animosity you have toward the concept of collective bargaining is truly your own, or if that thought was planted there by someone who profits from you holding that belief.

Image from Wikipedia

Image from CrimethInc

Once you become aware of the class divide, why it exists, and how it is maintained through manipulative practices by the ruling class, you are probably going to get pissed off! But never fear, I will be covering ways to proceed in future episodes. In the meantime, you should probably check out my social media presence (see the sidebar for links, or scroll to bottom of the page and a popop window will appear with links) and follow me there for daily food for thought, because I share a lot of information you could be benefiting from, and that’s not just me tooting my own horn. I am doing this in service to others, and many people have found that valuable. I hope you do, too.

In solidarity,

-The Birb




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