Profits Schmofits

Working on the website and following the events in Chile today. Just wanted to tell/remind y’all that profit actually represents wage theft. How?

Well, profit is what is left over after paying out all of a company’s expenses. Who produced that profit? Was it investors, sitting on their yachts, while workers labored to produce the goods or services that generated that profit?

People will say, “You have to have money to make money,” but do they really consider the implications of that? It means that you either must possess wealth in the first place, meaning you inherited it, or you are one of the lucky few who managed to have all of the favorable variables in the same place at the same time and got rich – but that was still blind luck, regardless of how much work you put into it. Lots of people put in a lot of hard work every day, but not everyone becomes wealthy from it. It is typically a connection to the ruling class that helps someone eventually succeed – even if they themselves aren’t aware of that connection. Money changes everything. 

So, if you think being lucky enough to win the generational, or actual, lottery is the metric by which we should determine who receives profits, then I have news for you: ruling class, capitalist propaganda has shaped your opinion. Don’t feel ashamed – it is very common, because their indoctrination of us starts very young. As I’m covering in the podcast, our history textbooks are full of propaganda designed to persuade us to buy into a national origin myth that justifies the exploitation of most in order to enrich a few. But that’s all it is – propaganda. And it’s high time you broke free from it – because we are facing a global climate crisis unlike anything modern day humanity has dealt with before, and it’s human-made. It’s going to require radical, swift action on our behalf to help mitigate and manage the effects if we want our species to survive without “untold suffering.”

Given that the capitalists are the ones who drive this climate crisis with their policies and practices, neither they nor their two corporate-owned parties can provide us with solutions. We the people must do that ourselves, and it seems to me that if we weren’t all struggling financially, that would certain help us in those efforts, n’est-ce pas?

So try and wrap your mind around our new reality, and do it quickly, please, because our opportunity to create policy and practice changes that get implemented quickly enough to cope is a limited window, and it’s closing quickly.

Let’s organize!

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