BLOG: October Comeback


Hello! I’ve been MIA, and I apologize for it. The past couple of months have presented some health challenges, including gastrointestinal issues, extra depression, PTSD episodes, and my usual collection of chronic ails giving me grief. I’ve been struggling. But I’m back!

I’ve been trying to teach myself Adobe After Effects so that I can add more video interviews, but between the learning curve, the limitations listed above, and only having 3Mbps Internet connection out here in the sticks, it just doesn’t seem to be the time. So I’m working on getting the content I already have posted up as regular podcast audio files, and maybe one day our stretch of road will get access to the fiber that is on the lines just a half mile South of us. Looking at you, Charter Spectrum! Full disclosure: they did tell us we could get their fiber last year, but our cost to get it to our house would be $26,000 USD and every neighbor in between us and the current run would be charged $9,000 USD. That’s JUST for installation. Needless to say, we declined their offer.

So, I’m busy at work in Audacity – I have an episode uploading right now about Star Wars and Revolution that should be available shortly – watch for the post shortly. I have some interviews I’d hoped to present in video but that 3Mbps just ain’t havin’ it – taking 12+ hours to upload those and even then, it’s glitchtastic. So for now, they’ll just be audio, and should something change, I’ll work on getting those fancypantsed up and uploaded to YouTube.

I recently discovered a very helpful thread from Black Socialists Of America regarding the people-built and powered infrastructure we must build for a successful revolution, and I’m dropping it here for everyone to consider what they can do, what role you’re best suited for in the revolution, because not everyone is fighting on the front lines – lots of people BEHIND those battle lines that are essential to success.




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