White Supremacy Is The Lifeblood Of The United States

And The Soviets Knew It.

Check out these pieces of Soviet Anti-American propaganda from 1953, 1964, 1981.

It’s almost as though those wacky Marxist-Leninists (I am one) had identified all of the things that were wrong here decades ago. Centuries, practically.

The arrogance of US anti-Communist propaganda is that it is mostly comprised bold-faced lies – often projecting Capitalsm’s own flaws – that are easily debunked.

That smug arrogance is only matched by the intellectual laziness of most descendents of European settlers that means they buy it hook, line, and sinker, AND our culture rewards those who allow themselves to be lulled and/or bribed into complacency. This is despite the fact that the comfortable bubble of privilege many of us enjoy is only possible due to being carried on the backs of BIPOC.

Capitalism and the US run on white supremacy, codified racism, violence, imperialism, and various castes of oppression based upon Othering certain parts of the population to set us up for special exploitations from those with greater social power than we possess.

Both must be dismantled and become a part of our beautiful planet’s most shameful history, never to be permitted to return.


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