Capitalist Cult Conditioning

During my last couple of years in the Jehovah’s Witness cult, I was PIMO: Physically In, Mentally Out.

I suffered, knowing it was all horseshit, but due to a lot of variables, I couldn’t yet escape. I had to pretend I was still PIMI.

Listening to my friends spout what I knew was JW propaganda that had been designed to emotionally manipulate us was PAINFUL. That propaganda was working in conjunction with our previous indoctrination to make us reflexively reject ANY information that contradicted or even slightly undermined the cult’s authority and teachings. Seeing my loved ones parrot back what they’d been conditioned to think and say by the JW organization made me want to vomit, because I’d seen through it, but couldn’t say a damn thing to them.

Guess what?

We’ve all been indoctrinated by the US government on behalf of the tiny minority of humans who call the shots – the wealthiest people at the top of this Capitalist Pyramid Scheme. We’re drowning in their propaganda every second of our lives.

I’ve written, recorded and sourced copious information regarding what the ruling class – the wealthiest minority of humans who are responsible for all that indoctrination and propaganda – have planned for the future. Check my archives.

It’s painful and maddening to see so many Liberal family and friends refuse to see beyond all of those cult manipulations. I’m not suffering as badly when I was PIMO in the JW cult, because I don’t have to keep quiet about what I’ve learned and seen. I can warn the people I care for about what’s happening and the fact that we’re literally facing global extinction because of a few thousand humans greed. And I do just that.

But it doesn’t do a damn bit of good when the people I care about listen to me, but don’t do shit, or simply dismiss what I’m trying to share with them.

It hurts even more than those who refuse to listen in the first place, because it informs me that either they’ve dismissed me as an unreliable source of information, or they just figure someone else will do something about it.

Hi. I’m a someone else. There’s quite a few of us, but not nearly enough people organizing and training for what’s coming. WE NEED YOU.

So, how about diving in and lending a hand? Lots of opportunities, many as simple as making a phone call or chipping in $5 a month toward mutual aid to keep people safe, fed, clothed as our homeless encampments in the US grow and more people need help.

If the past year of Covid-19 has taught you nothing else, it should be that the US government sees you as disposable. I don’t, and neither do my comrades. It’s why we’ve dedicated our lives to the Proletarian Revolution.

I really hope more people come to terms with being in a Capitalist Cult and join us as we build solidarity to free the people from this hellish system, and then crush it out of existence.

All of our lives depend upon it.

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