Democrats, Liberals & Idealism

The Democratic Party and Liberalism are rooted in the philosophy of Idealism. Idealism says that our thoughts create reality. This is why you often hear people suggest that “perception is reality,” when they are referring to either manipulating or outright deceiving others. It is also why Democratic politicians will symbolically or performatively support a cause, a group, or an idea but they never take material action and so nothing ever really changes.

Dialectical Materialism is the practice of using scientific inquiry and critique of social problems while factoring in history and its outcomes. That’s not a complete definition, it’s just how I’m describing it right now. Materialism looks at the way things actually exist, not the way we wish they would exist. It then uses scientific principles to determine and carry out solutions to our problems.

Capitalism requires pseudoscience in order to function because it needs a scientifically illiterate population at large, to be able to easily manipulate with propaganda. All you need to look at is the climate change denial hoax to see what I mean.

I hope that those of you who are still emotionally and intellectually invested in electoral processes as a means to reform justice out of this corrupt system will begin to scrutinize whether or not your support is due to your own conclusions or someone else’s that you adopted because you are fearful and busy.

We cannot continue to do the same things we’ve been doing in the pursuit of justice over and over again and expect different results than what we’ve been getting, which are sometimes even steps backwards.

So what changes are you willing to make in supporting effective and organized efforts driven by ordinary people like us?







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