Covid-19 in the USA

You can be an asymptomatic carrier of covid-19.

Just like Mary Mallon was an asymptomatic carrier of Typhoid Fever. It’s believed she caused up to 50 deaths in the major outbreaks of disease she caused.

So even if you dismiss the threat to yourself, consider whether you can live with knowing your negligence and apathy caused others to become gravely ill and possibly die. That will be part of your legacy.

Yes, nearly everyone has bills to pay and is one paycheck from disaster. Can’t you see that’s by design? These aren’t a collection of individual failures – it is a collecTIVE issue due to the fact that our socioeconomic system is designed to exploit most of us, in order for a small minority of humans to hoard most resources, while the rest of us struggle to get by. There is plenty for everyone. The 1% needs to be taken out of power.

Mary Mallon was just a worker in service to the upper class trying to make ends meet. Just as so many are today. Your Typhoid Mary might be a cook at Taco Bell. Or Burger King. Or Olive Garden. Or a cashier at the supermarket. Maybe the receptionist at your hair salon. Start thinking about every contact you make in your day to day life with workers who are paid low wages, with no paid sick time, and high deductible or no health insurance at all.

The establishment regards those people as disposable. Do you? Are those of you who identify as centrist maybe reconsidering your fear of the “radical” notion of socialized medicine?

That same establishment has spent $32 million PER HOUR since 2001 on WAR. Why don’t Centrists ever question that spending, only ever social welfare and collective benefit programs? If Centrism is supposed to represent a balanced, independent middle, why do so many of their policy stances lean toward the conservatism, regressiveness, and “rugged individualism” of the far-right? ???????? How is it that Centrists never have positive positions regarding Leftist policies?

Anyway, start giving thought to the changes you start seeing in response to the covid-19 pandemic. Notice things like San Fransisco rolling out washing stations in response to this, and yet despite being one of the most affected cities by the housing crisis and having been asked by the unhoused community to provide these, didn’t.

The resources are available to end human suffering. The will to do it isn’t –  until capital is threatened. They don’t care when it’s “only” human suffering, because they’d have to then ALSO admit that this system is built on injustice and requires human suffering to be maintained.

We are at a watershed moment in history. Whose side are you on: capital, or life?


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