PODCAST: Episode 8 – Communism and Socialism As Scare Words



A link to a sociologist’s website in which they explain Othering.

Here is the workshop report from TNI that I mentioned in this episode, regarding authoritarianism and how to challenge it.

Read more about General Smedley Butler here

This article details the timeline of CIA atrocities committed around the world. Capitalism requires their enforcement of our policies and demands globally, even without citizen knowledge and consent.  And here’s an article detailing the 35 countries where the CIA supported Fascists, drug lords, and terrorists. It’s from 2014 and requires updating, but this should inform you on the fact that the corruption issues in the US didn’t just start with the 2016 election.

Those at the top KNOW that they are collapsing our ecosystem on us. If you are a climate change denialist, you are their useful rube. If you accept climate change science, but fail to accept the scientists findings that the practices of capitalism are the cause, how are you materially different than those who deny the science? Welcome to the Capitalocene.

The capitalism pyramid is basically the same as it was when it was first drawn in 1911.


I’ve previously wrote about the book ADDICTED TO WAR on the blog. I am trying to fundraise to buy multiple copies to place in Little Free Libraries around Michigan as well as in a counter-military recruitment campaign for Michigan Students. I believe that the graphic novel format and relatively short length of the book makes it easier to ramp up to speed in one’s understanding of US Imperialism than trying to dive into an all-text history book first, but you should do that, too.

Funds raised thus far have allowed us to purchase 18 good condition used copies of the book at about $4 a copy shipped, versus the $15 new price. We’re hoping to acquire more to be able to distribute with students and perhaps teachers in the campaign Movement For People’s Democracy Michigan will be working on in the coming months.


Can you help with a donation? Even a couple of bucks from several people will help us in this goal. I don’t want anyone to hurt their own ability to live. But if you have an extra two or three dollars it would be deeply appreciated! Thank you comrades.

Solidarity and Peace!

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