Fox News Is Heinrich Himmler

This is a screenshot from the Fox News homepage tonight. It is deadly propaganda.

Fox brainwashes those who rely on it for their news and worldview with jingoism and rugged individualism, and a distrust and hatred for The Other.

All of the major news outlets are mouthpieces for the Establishment, but Fox News has been the favored brand of white supremacists, white nationalist, fascists, and Nazis.

Every one of those groups platforms center on genocide. So it should come as no surprise that they are manipulating the pandemic narrative to suit their ideology.

Capitalism is a Death Cult, much like the Nazis, and Fox is its Heinrich Himmler.

I have family who have been brainwashed by Fox, and they are advocating for a return to “normal,” vilifying Gov Gretchen Whitmer for our state’s quarantine. I’m appalled by their attitudes and behavior.

They are playing useful rubes to Death Cultists. They could very well become the blood sacrifice to The Economy themselves. Some might even try to tell me that I must think of my child – that those sacrifices are necessary somehow to save his generation’s future.

But that’s objectively untrue. That’s certainly what Capitalists WANT us to believe, but that’s because it serves their whims. We’ve seen how arbitrary financial matters are; how many trillions has The Fed – an unelected body appointed by POTUS – pumped in over the last month to save Wall Street – primarily benefitting billionaires? We already went through this on a smaller scale in 2008, and here we are again. So, that future they say we gotta save for our kids – come 2032, give or take, will they need to repeat this sacrificial rite?

What if our tax dollars had bailed out mortgage payers instead of mortgage lenders in 2008? What would our world look like today? Since the bailouts of Wall Street were obviously ineffective, because here they are, hat in hand YET AGAIN, why are we Groundshog Daying ourselves through that shitshow again?

The same ruling class members who hid, lied, and delayed warning the public and taking action to protect us all so that they could rearrange their investments to profit from our illness, suffering, and deaths are now on the POTUS committee to reopen the economy. Do you feel they have the best interests of the working class (which includes those of us unable to work) as their priority, or their own? By the way, the White House has a committee strategizing tech and AI in order to compete with China for domination of those markets, and it involves not only fundamentally restructuring our economy, but our very way of life. You should probably read the FOIA document that has been severely underreported in this pandemic, because you might, like me, have serious objections to the world they expect us to live in. For more details, check out Whitney Webb’s excellent reporting.

There are numerous working class organizations working to procure relief for us, but we must accept and normalize their policy platforms. It may feel too radical, but you need to understand that you are facing a choice between what the billionaires deciding our collective futures without our consultation or consent want, and us fighting back to stand up for working class rights.

Billionaires regard workers as disposable biolabor units. They refer to people as “susceptible biologicals” in their vision for our future economy. Feel dehumanized yet?

So, what can you do?

  • Educate: start learning about our material conditions, gain an understanding of class consciousness, read history and theory in order to understand why we are in this position, and what steps we can take as a united front to improve our lives and our communities. Help others by sharing your knowledge.
  • Agitate: challenge the Establishment propaganda. Help normalize working class values as more beneficial to people and our planet by not being afraid to stand up for those values and promoting those. Support strikers. Participate in direct actions, if you are able. Build worker solidarity and reject and challenge Establishment Propaganda.
  • Organize: do not act alone. Connect with others who are also doing the above and those who have an interest in doing so. If you can’t volunteer for Mutual Aid tasks, find MA requests, and if you can, give money, or if you can’t, boost signal by sharing and validating those requests in your own networks. Help normalize it.

Those are not complete – just things off the top of my head while in bed, unable to sleep.

Check out the new virtual reading club – totally free! Visit my Facebook and Twitter pages. There are many like-minded folks on both.

Check out the following organizations:

General Strike 2020

The People’s Bailout

Homes Guarantee

Both major political parties serve Wall Street and billionaires. Any policies they craft and adopt that benefits the working class is strategic to ultimately benefit the Establishment ruling class, or is simply incidental, although members of both parties are happy to take credit for it all as a part of holding onto their power, and the wealth that often accompanies it.

The status quo isn’t coming back. We do get a choice on how the future is shaped, though. But you must participate if you want to affect it in a way that benefits us instead of being a bleak totalitarian dystopia that places us on a path to extinction as a species.

Ignoring all of this means you choose dystopia for us all.




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