Radical Revolutionary Virtual Reading Club Signing Bonus!

Haha, got  you with that headline, didn’t I! I’m sorry to disappoint, but there is no cash involved. But I would like to share bookmarks with you! Up to 5 per person! I bought these at the end of 2019 as part of my Little Free Library campaign, which has come to a halt for now, because I’m high risk for Covid-19 and have been in self-isolation for a month, and also, in our state, only essential travel is permitted. The LFL’s that are en route to essentials (grocery, doctor) have already had books placed in them prior to quarantine.

So, I have a lot of bookmarks! I’d love to send you some. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Register for an account here on my site, which will give you posting ability on our reading club forum.
  2. Email me with your mailing address from the same email acct you use to register. LMK how many you’d like (up to 5) I’ll mail them to you via USPS.
  3. Get a copy of the book we’re currently reading.
  4. Start reading! Share your thoughts/questions on the forum.
  5. OPTIONAL: Share the club on your social media (THANK YOU!)

I look forward to exploring these reads with y’all!

Global Peace, Love, and Solidarity!

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