Did You Mean It, Liberals?

Oh hey Liberals!

Remember when you said if they replaced RBG before the election you’d burn it all down?

Kavanaugh’s opinion he issued today, taking the most radical position any SCOTUS member has ever taken on Bush v. Gore, along with states deploying cops and national guard troops to polls -and Oathkeepers & other militant white nationalist groups are also patrolling polls, as well as towns already – should inform everyone on the plan for the election. Ballot boxes are being burned, bombed and otherwise compromised.

Things about to get very ugly.

So, did you mean it? You’ve been moving the goalposts with each new horrible thing that happens, as far as what your threshold for being willing to take radical action is, leaving those of us Left of you wondering if you are truly the spineless, debauched navelgazers the Reichwingers claim you are, or if you’re finally ready to extract your mind from the Capitalist Death Cult.

So, what’s it gonna be? You gonna rise to the occasion of history and humanity and start organizing with and listening to we Revolutionaries, or are you going to uphold the system that has caused ALL OF THIS?

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