The US & Capitalism’s Reliance On Slavery

From Dr Ibram X Kendi’s book STAMPED FROM THE BEGINNING: The Definitive History Of Racist Ideas In America

Bet most of y’all never learned this part in school.

It’s imperative that we as whites LEARN ACTUAL HISTORY because it is deliberately withheld and mythologized when they teach us in school. This results in our being in false class solidarity with the white supremacist Bourgeoisie and believing that their values serve us all. Their values are killing us all. They see the rest of us as varying orders of disposable, and that should be evident to anyone looking at the way they’ve insisted on continuing to run the economy as if there is no global pandemic taking the lives of workers and their families. Black USians have been disproportionately affected by Covid-19 due to the fact that our socioeconomics are designed to put them at highest risk for all dangers.

The US was founded by tax dodging Bourgeoisie slave owners looking for ways to seize and then distribute the power of the monarchy that ruled them amongst themselves. A USian Bourgeoisie aristocracy that exists to this day. Plantations have become prisons and corporations and many of the same families still possess the wealth produced by chattel slavery. Wealth today is produced by enslaved prisoners whose crimes are mostly rooted in Capitalist injustice, and wage slaves – 80% of USians live paycheck to paycheck, rely upon their employer for health care – if they are lucky enough to work somewhere it is provided – and cannot bear an unexpected $400 expense. Capitalism requires some form of slavery to function.

And besides the injustice capitalism generates and relies upon within the human species, the extraction and exploitation of our entire ecosystem has not come without consequence. But the same capitalists who caused this ruin now refuse to pay for the emergency needs that the climate crisis creates or the rehabilitation of the communities affected. They refuse to change their practices to avoid further damaging the ecosystem.

Their plan is to let the same working class they’ve exploited and extracted profit from deal with the outcomes of their ecosystem abuse. I’ve written here before about their survival bunkers.

All of these issues intertwine. It’s a Hydra with what often feels like countless heads. But the body, the heart that keeps them alive, it’s Capitalism. This is why when we try to reform the system issue by issue, we just end up with more problems than we started with. The entire system must be replaced, because it has always been unjust, and cannot fulfill its stated purpose without employing injustice.

We need a social order that is designed to meet everyone’s needs, in harmony with our ecosystem, while actively defending against those avarice-fueled predatory parasites to prevent them from taking power, and do this for as long as it takes to eliminate class from the human species. Only then can the state “wither away” – because it exists as an apparatus to oppress one class by another. Most of us are part of the oppressed, and so it can be easy in our furious search to understand our oppression to skip the critical step of class analysis and jump to the conclusion that the state must be immediately smashed.

But when we do this, we fail to recognize that in order to succeed in destroying the state – the weapon used to oppress us – we must first wrest that weapon from those wielding it against us and turn it against them, while simultaneously building dual power with People Designed & Powered structures to replace the Bourgeoisie infrastructure within which we currently exist. Black Socialists Of America have an informative and important Twitter thread on this that I urge you to read and act upon.

This is especially vital here in the US, because our entire social order exists due to white supremacy and codified racism. As those of us doing anti-racism work can attest, it is so ingrained into every aspect of our lives, you may find yourself shocked by the values, ideas, policies, outcomes, and structures that you’ve accepted as the status quo your entire life that are deeply racist and problematic. We cannot expect our Black comrades to support a Revolution that does not take into account the need to defend them – now and ongoing – from the violent white nationalist chuds who’ve shown us over the last several months they really are willing to go to the lengths they’ve claimed and threatened. They want the race war they’ve been wanking to for decades from The Turner Diaries – already responsible for several domestic terrorist attacks and deaths here in the US – including the Oklahoma City Bomber, Timothy McVeigh.

We will need to be organized and have People’s Consensus designed and recognized authoritative standards for insuring the safety of Black USians and what defense vs opportunism looks like – and in order to do that, we need to start holding People’s Assemblies to begin discussion, making use of Scientific Socialist Dialectics. I urge you to consider using open source Jitsi instead of Zoom for these virtual meetings.

I’m getting a Mastodon server ready to begin accepting members this week. I’d like to begin forming state People’s Assembly organizing groups on there as a place for people to put announcements pertaining to their areas, network with others, and for us all to discuss ideas and offer one another support.

Because it is an open source platform on a privately owned server, we will control who and what is allowed. This will not be a general social media type platform but is instead intended to provide Leftist Anti-Racist Revolutionaries a space free from other politics to focus on our work.

I will be prioritizing BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People Of Color) members on this server and elevating their voices above whites, even my own. I believe that should be a guiding principal of ANY revolutionary, Leftist organization, party, coalition, etc who is truly interested in justice, revolution, and a fighting chance against climate collapse.

Watch for an announcement later this week.

Solidarity and Peace!

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