Just Give Poor People Money!

It’s where I want my tax dollars spent – helping other workers. I loathe seeing my taxes bailing out billionaires and their corporate facades, paying for their resource wars all over the planet, sending our kids to fight those wars and if they’re lucky enough to survive they have life-altering injuries, PTSD, etc. I hate watching them rob the rest of us while they buy their 5th superyacht and tell the rest of us we’re just too lazy to have it as good as them. Meantime, they’ve got overseas tax shelters, pay no taxes here, their employees rely on state aid because they’re compensated poorly, and oh by the way, the cops will protect them and their shit, but if they steal from you via wage theft, you’re gonna have to pay an attorney and go to court! All this while not even paying the taxes that pay for those cops. Nope, the rest of us working people pay for the cops, and they’re trained not to trust us and as evidenced by a recent expose of the Kentucky State Police, even trained with Nazi materials on attacking civilians.

So you can miss me with your racist arguments about welfare queen myths. If you insist on continuing to behave like ignorant, petulant toddlers, do it somewhere else. Grown people who recognize our collective peril are talking and you have less than nothing to contribute to the conversation.

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