Please Help Out Our Dallas Comrades If You Can

Please give to this GoFundMe if you can. This is one of our comrade’s townhome in the Dallas area.

This is what people are facing. None of the Texas infrastructure was designed for this kind of weather, because this kind of weather is a “once in a lifetime” event -except now, in the end stages of Capitalism, it is.
This is because Capitalists have been causing so much damage to our ecosystem with their practices – which they’ve known for decades were leading to this – that these “once in a lifetime” events will happen several times in our lives.
This will not be limited to Texas, and as we can all see, the government will not protect us, because they are in cahoots with the Capitalists. Many of our government leaders are Capitalists themselves.
It is vital that people recognize that both the GOP and DNC are Capitalist parties, and that is whose interests they protect. The DNC pays performative lip service to the rest of us but it is all empty platitudes, no material support.
Nobody is coming to save us. We must save ourselves. But we can do it TOGETHER if we organize together. That’s how the ruling class has been so effective against the rest of us, despite being only a tiny percentage of the population. They keep us all divided as a strategy to protect themselves.
Are you ready for a better world? I sure am. Let’s get to work.

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