Let This Radicalize You

If yesterday’s events in the US Congress were the final straw for you with bourgeoisie politicians (both the GOP & DNC serve the Capitalist ruling class) and you’re feeling ready to start investigating why things are the way they are, we stand ready to help you.

The best thing you can do is learn ACTUAL history, because we’ve been told so many lies by our govt – for generations.

The graphic history novel ADDICTED TO WAR is a great primer for understanding how the military industrial complex and the billionaires control our lives. It’s one of several history books I’ve read and recommend, a list I maintain on my website here.

We all need to recognize that US politics are hierarchical – aka class-based. All of the Liberals vs Conservatives, DNC vs GOP, it’s all theater like pro wrestling. Both parties serve billionaires, and if yesterday’s events didn’t show you that, after everything else we’ve seen, I don’t know what will.

We also have the added layer of systemic, structural white supremacy and racism that is uniquely USian. That is part of the class structure – whiteness was made up in order to justify the enslavement of African people. It’s one of the most obfuscated and propagandized parts of US History.

One you learn how much you’ve been lied to and manipulated in order for the billionaire parasites to keep getting richer while the rest of us suffer to varying degrees, you’re gonna be pissed. Don’t let the ruling class manipulate you further by falling prey to Fascist groups who only seek to protect class-based white supremacy. Learn history so you learn its lessons & avoid repeating those.

If you have genuine questions regarding US History, Capitalism, Marxism-Leninism, Socialism or Communism, please ask in comments. I’ll do my best to answer, and if I don’t know the answer, I know sources to find it.

Don’t lose hope.

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