What Is Boomerism?

Have you heard the term “Boomer” being used to describe someone or their behavior as being selfish, short-sighted, and dismissive of others? Hopefully by now, you recognize that those using this term are describing a diseased mindset, not an age group. This began because for about the past fifteen years, older people HAVE been shitting on the Millennial Generation in the media, in our entertainment, in our newspapers and magazines, blaming the younger generation for all of the financial woes they are suffering, despite the fact that the world has vastly changed since those born before 1965 have had to navigate their own way through young adulthood. So the mindset did begin with those who are self-described Baby Boomers, but it “trickled down,” as piss does, to others in various generations, including my own.

I’m Gen X, myself. Hey, yeah! Remember us? Nobody seems to these days, but that’s been par for the course with us our entire lives. And you wonder why we’re so damn cynical. Anyway.

There a systemic issue, particularly amongst those (of ALL ages) who possess the diseased Boomer Mindset of “I got mine, fuck everyone else” where they have blamed the Millennials for all of their woes and that has been repeatedly proven to not align with objective reality. I am not here for that and I am trying to educate so that MAYBE, just maybe, our species stands a chance against what’s coming.

If you’re reading this blog, likely you already recognize this. And if you’re like me, every day, you are retyping some version of this all out to explain to others who haven’t yet. I thought I’d make a blog post and a meme to summarize the basics on this matter that can be easily linked and shared.

There are some Baby Boomers who are particularly sensitive about all of this, and I made this meme for them. It really applies to ALL situations in which people are recentering the real issue onto themselves personally and letting their ego speak on their behalf instead of their rational mind, because they fear being the problem. If we fear being a problem, we should work to determine if we are in the first place, and if so, correct it. If we determine we do not fit the defined conditions of the problem, there is no need for us to say “But -I- am not like that” in order to get personal recognition for being a compassionate human being. We SHOULD be compassionate human beings. There are no cookie or gold stars to be handed out for that. We are just so used to cruelty being the norm, it feels unusual when someone demonstrates empathy and compassion. But it SHOULDN’T – empathy and compassion should be our norm!

We also need to think outside of our own behaviors and personal lives when we are considering SYSTEMIC issues. We need to learn about those and determine how we can contribute beneficially to our system and to others in it, instead of serving the whims of the ruling/owner class/1% at the top – WHO WANT US DIVIDED. They want you to stumble on your fragile ego as it pertains to correcting these societal wrongs, because solving these problems means they won’t have all of the money and power any longer. Why would you serve their needs instead of those of your own kith and kin? We will never be able to address climate collapse, income inequality, and Fascism if we are all stuck in a state of fragile ego. It is counterrevolutionary and it will just keep getting us more of the same kind of horseshit the world has now. It is hard work and there are lots of things that we will need to personally work on that will require us to be teachable. So let’s be teachable.

Hey, as always, feel free to use my memes if they are useful to you in your own work. Credit me or don’t – what matters to me is the signal boost to get the message out there.


Stay Shiny,

The Birb

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