What’s In the Works

It’s been a minute since I’ve updated here with a blog post or (gasp) a new podcast, but I’ve been busy nevertheless! I’ve been networking with new allies and comrades, and looking for ways to best utilize my abilities to serve the working class. I wanted to give a rundown on some things I have in the works (or at least, hope to!) Here goes:

  • I participated in a Zoom Webinar on labor organizing on May Day (May 1st) – it was my first time doing it!
  • I’ve been working together with my comrades in our party club to get our social media accounts more active and engaging.
  • The Mutual Aid Network Hub Facebook page – continuing to post resources as I find those, and I welcome submissions!
  • Updates to the website included an expanded Reading Recommendations page and the NEW Covid-19 Working Class Resources page, for which I also welcome submissions.
  • I’m working with comrades on a People’s History weekly webinar – hoping to have more to announce on this in the next few days!
  • I’ve been getting garden seeds started indoors to plant our garden, which I hope to expand and grow enough surplus for sharing.
  • Finally, I’m trying to get funding to purchase a heated greenhouse that will allow me to grow food year-round, to be distributed to those in need through Michigan Mutual Aid Coalition – MIMAC. I’m not beneath asking celebrities and philanthropists for this, and I am doing just that.  If you click on the Twitter screenshot, it’ll take you to my tweet thread, and I’d be very appreciative of likes and retweets!


Other than that, I’m doing a lot of reading, tea drinking, and procrastinating some bloodwork I need to go get done at the lab. As a person who is at very high risk for Covid-19, I am frankly terrified of going out in public. It is evident that there are those who are either just selfish, or so frustrated with the collapse of capitalism and how that’s impacting them, they are denying the severity and sometimes the very existence of this deadly virus. Some of those types are terrorizing anyone who they perceive as trying to protect ourselves with physical violence, or even intentional infection. My partner is still working remotely from home and I hope he is able to continue doing so – so does he. His employer is a Trumpist and regurgitates all of that ignorant rhetoric about “herd immunity” (what they actually mean is “EUGENICS”), insists it’s less deadly than influenza, and calls it “The Chinese Virus.” The company already has some workers back in the office, but nobody is wearing any PPE and there are no real precautions being taken. My partner was given an additional month before he must return due to concerns about my vulnerability, for which I am grateful. But if he is forced to return in a few weeks, my risk will not decrease. I could literally die as a result of his employer’s mandates. This terrifies me.

But! I am still hoping that we see action in the next month here in the US to continue or reinstate lockdowns. Nobody should have to die for anyone else’s selfishness or convenience. Cases in Germany have tripled since they loosened their restrictions, and they are considering a return to harsher lockdown conditions in order to save lives, and the same is also happening elsewhere. The ruling class has demonstrated to us that they do not value working class lives and consider us disposable. We must collectively seize the means for our own survival! But we need working class solidarity and organizing – and that means that you, yes you, need to get involved somehow. If you’re unsure how to do that, you can start by donating (even $5 matters!) to mutual aid groups, like MIMAC or one of the many other groups out there doing this work. Everyone has a role they can play – if you need help figuring yours out, find your local Leftists and we’ll be happy to show you a variety of ways you can get involved.

Finally, I want to leave you with this mindfulness exercise. I encourage you to start, today, changing your understanding of what is meant by “The Economy.” Share this idea with others. Let’s change this norm.


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