You Can Be Almost Anything, So Don’t Be So Shitty

Kevin Locascio is a sadistic shitbrick.

US Liberalism often encourages a smug attitude about oneself being a morally superior character who others should aspire to being like. This helps to justify the atrocities committed in the name of US empire, so that “we can raise others to our standard of living.”

Why would our “standard of living” be an improvement for anyone, particularly when someone from the allegedly more compassionate wing of the US Capitalist party talks like this against some of the most oppressed people living under this sadistic social order?

I’ve been reading Mao’s short but impactful and important essay, COMBATING LIBERALISM, every night before bedtime. I use it as a metric to review my thinking and actions that day as I attempt to abolish oppressive thinking and behaviors in myself. I highly recommend the practice.

Reject Conservatism.

Reject Liberalism.

Build Socialist Dual Power And Solidarity!

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