You’re Going To Get Angry When You Finally See Their Lies

If you’re USian like me, and haven’t already recognized that your Anti-Communist biases were planted in your mind during primary education and reinforced by the abundance of propaganda we’re surrounded by, I must warn you, you are going to be EXTREMELY ANGRY about how much you’ve been lied to. When you realize we’ve ALSO all been conditioned to police one another for any kind of revolutionary, much less, Marxist-Leninist Communist ideas and it’s all part of the self-defense mechanisms of this racist, classist social order based on plantation life.

They lied to us about history and created the evil mythology of white supremacy in order to justify genocide and slavery while giving the lower classes a reassurance of their own white skin privilege relative to BIPOC people, even though plenty of white-skinned people are in the working class and suffer many of the same oppressions of BIPOC. The lower class whites may have the elite Bourgeoisie parasites in the owning/ruling class above us, but the system assures us we’re still “above” plenty of others. This is the mythology written by sadistic slaveowners who needed justification for their selfish exploitation, rape, genocide of other humans while remaining in God’s good graces. Christendom is complicit and collaborative in the Amerikkkan Regime.

Plantations evolved into prisons and corporations, and that’s where things stand today. I don’t need to remind anyone we’ve been in a pandemic for a year, an economic depression, and oh let’s not forget the recent news that the ecosystem is collapsing even faster than expected so maybe it’s time we all take a break from sacrificing thousands of lives a day to Wall Street and reconsider the viability of continuing to do the same things that always result in the same old shit!

With that in mind I urge you to first read this essay by Michael Parenti. Then you should read BLACKSHIRTS AND REDS.

We don’t have time for people to go through all of the usual counter-revolutionary distractions for years. The system has all those things in place as obstacles to keep you from learning what you will in that book. You’ll need to read more after it but you need to get past the reactionary, reflexive feelings you have about Communism. There’s not a lot of time to spare and your community needs you.

Here’s the book

And here’s a link to the essay online.

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