Democrats And Idealism

The US Democratic Party, even it’s progressive wing, has repeatedly demonstrated their allegiance to capitalism and the capitalist donors who control policy decisions.

They have the majority and have since late January. Yet they keep finding excuses as to why they cannot pass policy on behalf of ordinary people. But this is in line with their entire mode of operation. They exist as a counter-revolutionary rabbit hole for people who would otherwise recognize that this corrupt system cannot be reformed, and avoid getting entangled in the trap that is the DNC.

It does not matter who has the most political power at any time in the US, the powerful are rarely held accountable for their crimes. When they are, it is typically a metaphorical slap on the wrist, often in the form of a fine that would be the equivalent of 10 bucks to most ordinary people.

So you got to ask yourself, where is this headed if the Bourgeoisie ruling class, the very worst of humanity, are allowed to continue their rule over the rest of us? Factoring in Capitalism’s need for endless war, our climate crisis and the refugees it is creating, a still uncontrolled pandemic in the US and some other nations, and the potential we each face – of being an ecocide victim – what do you think you should be doing?

The very wealthy have been setting up their survival bunkers for years. All while telling the rest of us that climate change is either a hoax, or that the US either can’t or won’t fund and carry out the necessary systemic changes required in order to avoid mass ecocide.

We still have an opportunity to prevent that, but it will require that quite a number of the majority of us organize to seize power from the tiny minority of people who actually rule this planet.

So will you support that revolutionary action, or just resign yourself to the fate that the ruling class wants for you?

If you don’t care about what happens to you, what about the generations that come after your own? Do you care about them, or at least what they will think of you?

Continuing to do things the way we have always done them will not save us. Nobody is coming to save us. So what are you doing about it?

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