Idealist Intention Vs Material Action

Liberalism is based in the philosophical school of thought called Idealism, which is rooted in the idea that our thoughts and perceptions are what make up reality.

Socialism is based in the philosophical school of thought called Materialism, which is rooted in the idea that material things make up nature, and that our thoughts and perceptions, along with everything else in reality, are results of a material interactions.

To simplify: If you want to grow a garden, you must use materials like soil, seeds, water, nutrients. You must also take material action with your body. You cannot grow plants with idealistic thoughts.

In the same way, material action and items are required in order to successfully fight fascism and to grow socialism.

We have been indoctrinated our entire lives with idealism, particularly if we grew up in Liberal households or communities. This is why our politicians and government tend to speak performative platitudes instead of taking action in order to ensure people’s needs are met.

Fighting fascism requires us to unlearn things because we have been living with normalized fascist ideas our entire lives. We have also been propagandized to fear and hate socialism, because it is rule from the bottom up with the goal of eliminating the hierarchy of classes. That is a threat to capitalists, which is why they have put so much effort into conditioning us to oppose revolution.

An essential part of revolution is to unlearn what the upper class has conditioned us to believe about reality. How have you been working on that in yourself?

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