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I have a great community over in Facebook Birbland, and one of the comrades messaged me a couple of days ago with this vital information – I’m sorry it took me this long to get to it. It’s been a rough couple of days – I had to make the difficult decision to quit my political party, and I tendered my resignation on Monday. I wish my comrades there well and remain in solidarity with them, but I could not continue to remain a member of the party without a marred conscience, over things that I both witnessed and learned of regarding leadership and what I will only call performative proletarianism, and leave it at that.

Back to the rad community we’ve built over on the Comrade Birb page on Facebook! One of the members, a project manager at a decontamination company, messaged me with the following BADASS MUTHAFUCKA praxis!

I’m a project manager at a decontamination company. Over the weekend I became livid at the police brutality at the protests about police brutality

So I realized I have something to offer

I put these together today, then went out and bought supplies for six of them

This one is meant to be printed on both sides and affixed to one of the bags of supplies with safety pins, so that the team member can wear a sign indicating the service they’re providing


This one is treatment instructions for pepper spray and tear gas

TGRT Instructions

The phone numbers at the bottom are specific to Miami

Here’s the Word document so people can replace them with local numbers

TGRT Instructions

The baking soda solution should be in a spray bottle with 1 tablespoon baking soda for 8 oz of water

I used body wash bottles from the Dollar Tree because they press down, instead of squeeze

Also, use baby shampoo to make the soapy water so victims can keep their eyes open

It was a little under $60 for six kits, masks and paintballs not included

As the trained specialist, I also have welding gloves, a Honeywell respirator, with two HEPA P100/organic vapor combo cartridges

($18 for the mask, $24 for cartridges, two day shipping. It’s important they be pink/magenta and gray/black, they’re color coded. Extremely reusable, but you must store in an AIRTIGHT container while not in use – things can shake loose from the filter)

a small traffic cone for handling tear gas canisters directly – NO PVC, it will melt!  You put the cone over the canister and dump water rapidly in through the top – the maneuver pioneered in the Hong Kong Uprisings 

If exposed while wearing the mask: 1) wear gloves while handling (put gloves on before you put the mask on, and wear them until after it’s in a sealed container), and 2) wipe the mask down, especially the rubber, with an alcohol wipe or isopropyl alcohol. Acne wipes should work too in a pinch

This was my primary source – Popular Science

Not pictured: bottled water, instructions/signage, mask, paintballs (because apparently that’s not a thing in south Florida)

The goggles are $5 each, everything else can be bought at a Dollar Tree except for maybe the baby shampoo

It’s rudimentary, but it’s something anyone can do, and it’s the best we’re capable of even in a professional setting, really, short of Sudecon wipes, which are hard to find

Tear gas is an acid, and baking soda makes the water in that bottle basic, so it neutralizes it somewhat

Pepper spray is an oil, same as Covid, so the only thing that can get it off is soapy water (surfactant)

It took me about an hour and a half, not including shopping, to make five

For the record, I’m offering no guarantees, and this is merely a strategy to minimize risk

Tear gas is a weapon of war developed for use against the Viet Cong

Brave novices should not take it upon themselves to approach tear gas canisters. The best strategy is to make your presence known at an event so that you can meet and treat victims immediately after exposure

I hope this helps someone

Thanks for the work you do


Thank YOU, comrade! This is a community service, especially during The George Floyd Uprising, for all of those warriors on the front lines of this Class War that is culminating with the Fall Of Capitalism. The Ruling Class has deployed its thug pigs against the Working Class, and we continue the long Struggle for Socialism. Please share this in your circles and see that this information gets to the front lines. Those who are unable to be present at events can show solidarity by purchasing supplies and assembling these kits to be given to those on the front lines.

If you read my earlier statement about leaving my party on Monday, and thought it meant I am no longer a Marxist-Leninist – to the contrary. I remain your comrade! I have new plans in the works: my comrade Cat, one of my scrumtrulescent moderators on the Facebook page  and I are forming the Michigan Chapter of The New White Panther Party. More news on that in the coming days! In the meantime, you can read more about The NWPP here:

The New White Panther Party

The New Afrikan Black Panther Party – Prison Chapter

WDET-FM Detroit Article regarding the history of the original White Panther Party

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