Proletarian Revolution and Authority

Comrades, please read George Jackson’s Blood In My Eye.

For those who are anti authoritarian, read this excerpt and then tell me how you expect to preserve Proletarian Revolution without an organized Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

From Blood In My Eye, by George Jackson

If your Anti-Fascist work doesn’t extend beyond the revolution in order to protect Proletarian victories, you are not actually Anti-Fascist, because you are willing to allow them to continue terrorizing people and potentially return to power. If you think that they are just going to accept the outcome of revolution, you are dangerously naive.

A class-based social order is Fascism. This is why class must be eliminated before the mechanism of the state, wielded by a DOTP, can become irrelevant.

Becoming historically literate by reading actual history in order to correct the Imperialist narrative we have been taught in the US will help you to better understand the need for a DOTP. So will reading theory. Your ability to spot patterns in history is handicapped by the lies you were told in school and through US culture.

We live under a dictatorship of the rich here in the US and it is their interests that are protected by the way they taught us history. It is imperative that you recognize this in order to avoid betraying your own class interests.

Check out Stephanie McMillan‘s work!

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