The United States & Capitalism Rely Upon War

It truly is vile how many USians crave war and imperialism. Some are fully aware of why they do it, and are true believers in Capitalism. But others are just going along with it because it’s the status quo, what everyone else is supporting, and they don’t really know why, just that they feel compelled to go along with it.

We live in a class-based society and the upper class have built it so that we get indoctrinated with their values, their version of history, and the false promise that we might join their ranks one day as incentive to sacrifice so much of our time and energy laboring for them, accepting the carceral state so that they still have a supply of literal slave labor at all times, and the knowledge that the likelihood of us getting that rich is miniscule. Most of us will be born into and remain in the classes beneath the uppermost wealthy in this social order. 

So why do most people just comply? This is because the Capitalist Cult indoctrinates us to think war is normal and necessary, as for the few thousand ultra wealthy people who rely on war to keep their profits flowing, it IS necessary. They start exposing us to upper-class, aka Bourgeoisie, propaganda from our very start in life, through news media, advertising, schoolwork, patriotism rituals at school and sporting events, and even in our entertainment.

If you want to learn more about why this is the way things are, here are some resources:

Addicted To War – a graphic novel about the US history of wars outside its borders
War Is A Racket – a book by Major General Smedley Butler, USMC
A People’s History Of American Empire – another graphic novel regarding US Imperialism. The Zinn Education Project website is an excellent resource for learning the real history of the people, not Bourgeoisie Propaganda.

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